Carex Shower Gel Review

Saturday, 21 May 2016

My review on the Cussons Carex Vitamin Fresh Shower Gel.
Carex introduced a new range of products carex shower products, I have got the vitamin fresh shower, however, they do have other varieties available as well. The product is very gentle on the skin and also lathery. The product is available in 250ml and 500ml, this one is 500 ml which is great because it lasts for quite a while and you can choose your preferrable size. More information about the product can be found here.

carex  shower gel

This shower gel is by far my most favourite, you can probably tell because I have used nearly half of it already. I use it instead of soap and shampoo as it can be used on the hair as well. All skin types can use this friendly shower gel, it contains vitamin A and E. It also leaves a very simple and fresh fragrance behind after using it, as well as making you feel clean and fresh. It's family friendly, and can be used for all age groups, so all of your family can use it it will leave the same results.

What I liked:
-smells very nice and fresh
-feel soft when applying
-its good fun to have bubbles in the bath
-can be used on hair and body

There is nothing I disliked, so there is no cons about this product. For that reason, I will score this product 5 out of 5, because I love this product and cannot find one fault in it. Their bottles are quite big as well they are 500 ml, so you have a lot of product in them which can last you a couple of months, the packaging is pretty simple you can clearly see the shower gel from the clear packaging.

carex shower gel
carex shower gel

Overall, I really enjoyed this product and will keep on using it, therefore I score it 5 out 5 and I will definitely be trying more of Carex products, if you want to see any in particular comment below and I will review it. I highly recommend you check out their products because they are kind to every skin type.

This product is available to purchase at Boots.

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