Sleek Makeup Corrector & Concealer Palette 04 Review

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My review on the Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette 04 with SPF15 setting powder.
This product is designed to cover up your dark circles underneath your eyes and neutralise any discoloration, along with covering up any unwanted marks or acne. This palette also includes SPF15 powder this helps the product stay more longer on your skin long lasting wear and sets the concealer, but also protects from harmful UVA rays.

From left to right, first you apply the concealer which is creamy, secondly you apply the corrector over the concealer which is also creamy and lastly you apply the setting powder on top, this is the recommended way to apply the product. You can also mix the concealer and corrector together to get a perfect match for your skin.

I am using the palette 04 which is for medium skin tone, they have 5 palettes, 1 being the lightest and 5 being the darkest palette they offer. I have very dark circles underneath my eyes, so it was a challenge to see whether this product will actually cover and conceal the dark circles. However, it did do the job of covering up most of the dark circles but did not fully cover them up with super heavy coverage, because it is more of a light-medium coverage. The actual concealer and corrector are not fully pigmented when trying to apply with finger or with a concealer brush it does not fully cover because the product is lightweight. 

The packaging is very professional and strong, and it is well designed it comes with a mirror, you can apply this product by either using your fingers or use a light brush to get most product onto your skin.

If you are unhappy, using the concealer with the sleek palette, you can always use your own preferred concealer and then go ahead and apply the corrector and powder for your personal preference.

Overall, I kind of liked this product, because so far this palette did the best job in covering my dark circles only slightly, so I would score it 3.5 out of 5. I would recommend this palette to someone who has light to medium dark circles, as this product may work better for them.

Available here as well as Superdrug and Sleek MakeUp

(Note: to browse corrector palettes for your required shade before purchasing)

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