Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Review

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My review on the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. I have the travel size perversion mascara, it comes in two sizes, you can purchase the travel size mascara as well and that's exactly what I did to try out this product. I naturally have black long eyelashes, so what I wanted from this mascara is to give my eyelashes some volume.
urban decay perversion mascara

Well this mascara does exactly what it says the tagline to it is bigger, blacker and badder mascara, and it definitely is when you apply the first coat you can see it is super creamy, it is more blacker on your eyelashes and does give it an extra boost. At the start the mascara is very wet, but it gradually dries on and I do have to say it is not that clumpy as well, but you can stop it from being clumpy if you apply it slowly and apply less.

If you are looking for volume then this may be the type of mascara you are looking for and if you want to try this product out, it's best to go for the travel size first and then if you like it consider the full size.

I really like this mascara for the reasons because when applied and left to dry it actually holds your eyelashes in place, so they are not all over the place. It does make your eye look lifted and it gives a slight curl to your eyelashes and it's actually not that clumpy looking with only one coat, but if you put more than one coat it will look a bit more clumpy because the mascara wand has a lot of product in it. However, the mascara does feel very creamy on the eyelashes and do not make my eyelashes feel they are stuck together in other words dry or crinkly like some mascaras do.

urban decay perversion mascara

The brush of the mascara is very dense and full of the actual mascara product, it is a bristle brush which is a good thing if you are wanting to have the volume of eyelashes to be more blacker, but the negative side to it can be that it will cause the mascara to clump onto your eyelashes and a couple of eyelashes can get pushed together, so you have to be careful when applying. I would just probably wear this mascara with only one or two coats because it is so dense you can actually see the result in one or two coats. I do have to say it does have a bit of a strong smell to it but you can't actually smell that when you apply it on.

Overall, I really liked this mascara and would consider buying it again in the future as it's kind of perfect in every way, no flakiness or a lot of clumps. The feel of it on your eyelashes is natural and it gives an extra boost. Therefore I would score it a great 4 out of 5.

Available to purchase at Urban Decay with free delivery too.

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