Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner Review

Thursday, 30 June 2016

My review on the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in the colour Black 1. This is a liquid eyeliner from the brand Collection cosmetics apart from this colour you can get other colours including brown, blue and waterproof black.  This eyeliner retails at a price of £2.99.

The formula of the product is great once applied it will not crack and it will give you a good eyeliner look. The colour of the eyeliner is precise its a bold black and it is very pigmented, when applied it dries instantly and can last the whole day if not touched.

What I liked about this eyeliner:
-It does not smudge, flake or dissolve
-Gives a good finishing result
-Affordable price

What I disliked about this eyeliner:
-This eyeliner is so good that if you are going to wear this often you are probably going to find yourself purchasing this often because it is quite small, it is 3.5 ml.
-It can sometimes drag the eyeliner when applying this is because the formula of it is watery, so you have to be steady with it and gentle when applying.
-Another thing is that packaging of the eyeliner

You can see in the image the tip of the eyeliner isn't quite thin, it is medium sized and the tip of the wand is soft, it is good for when you are trying to make the winged look. Another thing is that the packaging of the eyeliner is small and efficient, but that does mean that some of the product will be left inside which you won't be able to get out with the wand.

Overall, I love this product because of the finishing results it dries matte, and it gives my eyes the perfect look. Therefore I would score this product 4 out of 5 and will definitely repurchase this product in the future because it's cheap and totally worth it. This eyeliner is available to purchase at Superdrug.

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Makeup Tips All About The Eyes

Sunday, 26 June 2016

These tips are about your eyes, the three types of makeup that are used on your eyes is eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. You can enhance your eye makeup skills with the basics and these simple tips which are suitable for beginners and anyone else who wants to know more about eye makeup.

eye makeup

Before we start to apply eye makeup or makeup around our eyes we want to make sure we go in the right order, so the following steps are easy for us and even if we do make a mistake it will not affect the other parts of the makeup.

Firstly, we apply makeup to our eyelids using eyeshadow, now if you think you are probably going to make a bit of a mess then here is a tip which can help. Apply baby powder underneath your eyes and then carry on with your eyeshadow when you have finished with applying eyeshadow then simply get a blusher brush or any other brush which you can swipe off the eyeshadow and baby powder from underneath your eyes.

There are different types of brushes we can use from several brands, eyeshadow brushes include: large eyeshadow brush to apply basic eyeshadow,
precision shadow brush to apply eyeshadow on top of basic eyeshadow,                                                 blending shadow brush this is to blend in our crease,
blending tip brush this is to blend in the outer corner of your eye,
smudger brush this is used to smudge eyeshadow along the lower lash line and we also have the normal eyeshadow applicators.

Eyeshadows come in different forms including cream eyeshadows, loose eyeshadows, pressed eyeshadows those are the most common type which you find in eyeshadow palettes. Patting the eyeshadows rather than wiping the eyeshadow on the eyelid can help you achieve better results. If you want to achieve an intense eyeshadow look using white eyeliner or eyeshadow can help you with that. To keep your eyeshadow more long-lasting eye primer or even using concealer or eyeshadow base underneath can do the trick.

Using eyeshadow pencil or eyeliner can help to achieve a defined look as you have more control using them. If you have hooded eyes try applying eyeshadow with your eyes open so you can visibly see the result. Practising is the key to perfection the more you practice applying eyeshadow the easier it will get.

When applying eyeshadows and colours on your eyes it can be a struggle to figure out what colour to apply where, but the general tips are that the lightest colour works well as a brow bone highlighter, the second lightest colour looks good on your eyelid, the second darkest colour brings out more colour in your crease and the darkest colour works well in your outer corner. To achieve a smokey eye makeup look use a pencil eyeliner  and smudge it because it is more creamier.

After the eyeshadow step is finished, we can move onto eyeliner, there are different forms of eyeliners we have liquid eyeliners, pencil eyeliners, gel eyeliners, eyeliner pens. Eyeliner can be applied with angled liner brush, precision liner brush and smudger brush this is used to smudge the eyeliner underneath the eyes. When choosing what type of eyeliner to wear you can note that black is bold and brown is for everyday. White eyeliner can also help make your eyes look more bigger.

Before curling or applying mascara to your eyelashes apply vaseline to them personally I find this helps my eyelashes look longer and provides a good mascara base. For long lasting curled eyelashes warm your eyelash curler using a hair dryer for about 10 to 15 seconds and wait about 30 seconds before using the eyelash curler. If you want to use the eyelash curler after mascara is applied then make sure the mascara is semi-wet and not dry.

There are different types of mascaras for all kind of reasons, for volume, for bolder eyelashes, for longer eyelashes, for natural looks. They even come in as waterproof. When applying mascara make sure you are not pumping the wand because this can dry it out.

The mascara comb brush has one side to remove the mascara clumps and the brush side to brush your eyebrows.
A setting spray for makeup can leave a long lasting result for your eye makeup but this is optional.

Check out my Pinterest Board Makeup tips for more tips about the eyes makeup.

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How to Add Twitter Widget To Your Blog

Monday, 20 June 2016

Add a Twitter Profile/Timeline widget to your blog.

Twitter is a social network site where users can find updates and send tweets, these are short messages and posts. This post will show you how to create a Twitter profile widget for your Twitter account on your blog. This widget allows your viewers to view your tweets from your blog and by clicking on the widget it will redirect them to your Twitter profile where they can follow you, so when you are not posting anything on your blog and you are posting on Twitter they can read your tweets from your blog.

Firstly, login to your twitter account and hover over to your profile image and click onto settings. When you click on settings a list will appear on the left side of the screen from the list click onto widgets. Then click on create new following the steps below.

adding twitter to blog

This will then take you to the widget maker page, and it will ask what type of widget do you want to make, if you want to make your profile widget to display your tweets that would be the embedded timeline or you can click on a profile and enter your twitter profile url.

adding twitter

After you have clicked on the type of widget you want, you will see it will display a preview of what the widget will look like. The widget may look big so you may want to customise it by clicking on set customization options. This will then give you editing options like shown below. I changed the size of my widget to height 250 and width 290 because I wanted it to be small you can choose the size you want. You can also change the colour of the tweets and the language. When you have changed the settings click on update.

twitter widget twitter widget

It will then display the code which you have to copy, click on copy code and it will automatically copy it for you. Then go back to your blog and click on Layout, and Add a Gadget where you want to place the Twitter widget from there click on HTML/JavaScript and enter the code and click save and save arrangement.

twitter widget

Then you are done you should see the twitter widget appear on your blog, and it will automatically update everytime you make new tweets.

Also, watch the short tutorial on how to add twitter to your blog.

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How To Add Pinterest Profile and Board Widget

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Adding a Pinterest Profile and Board Widget to your Blog

Pinterest allows their users to make widgets and add them to their blog or website, the widget helps your blog viewers connect and follow your Pinterest account. The Pinterest profile and board helps you showcase your pins and displays images. If you are looking to add a Pinterest widget to your blog, follow this post to help you build it.

First, we will go through how to add a Pinterest Profile Widget to your blog sidebar (or anywhere where you want to add it). This method will also work if you want to add a board instead of a profile.

Firstly, you need to login into your Pinterest Account. Then click on your Pinterest name and it will take you to your account, then click on the settings button and click onto make a widget. Following the steps below.

pinterest widget

After you have clicked on make a widget, this will then take you to the widget page and all the information should already be there, like your Pinterest url and it will also show a preview of what the widget will look like. Check to see everything is the way you want it.

When you are happy to carry on you will see two codes below, these are the codes you need to place onto your blog. 
pinterest widget code
The first code you place where you want your widget to appear, this can be on the side bar or anywhere you like where you can add a widget. To do this go to your blog and click on Layout and click on Add a Gadget make a widget where you want the widget to appear. After that click on HTML/JavaScript and paste the code and click save.

adding pinterest to blog

The second code you need to place onto your blog so the widgets can work and appear on your blog. This code you can add anywhere, so again go to Layout and click on Add a Gadget anywhere, select HTML/JavaScript and enter the code and click save. 

That's done the profile widget should appear.

Now, to add a Pinterest Board to a blog post. Go back onto your Pinterest account and open the board which you want to place on your blog. When the board is open, click on the 3 dots button and click on make a widget as shown below.
pinterest blog

This will then take you to the widget page where all the information is already put in place for you, but just double check you are happy with everything and copy the first code.

To add that code to your blog post and display your board, go to your post and switch from compose to HTML and enter the code where you want the board to be shown and it will appear.

You are done! you don't need to copy the second code because you have already entered that code onto your blog once, it is only needed once.

adding pinterest widget

The Pinterest widget should appear on your blog and it will automatically add new pins when you update either your profile or your board.

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How To Add Social Media Share Blog Post Buttons On Your Blog

Monday, 13 June 2016

Adding Social Media Sharing Buttons

If you have a blog and you want to add social media sharing buttons for your blog posts, this post will show how you can do that. Using sharing buttons on your blog is beneficial, it can increase traffic because if one person shares your post on a social media platform, your posts can be shown to others and can bring in more visitors, as well as increase sharing across devices. It's really simple to set up and it takes about 10 minutes to set up or even less.

I tested out as many sharing buttons I could from different websites that offer this service including AddThis, Addtoany, ShareThis and I picked out the best one, which was AddThis. My favourite and the one I use is AddThis, this is because it has a lot more platforms than any other service including, WhatsApp, all Blogging platforms and all of the Email platforms. Also, note that you can use a number of sharing buttons on your blog using AddThis.


First of all visit the website and it will ask you to register an account, you can register using your email address or Facebook, Twitter or Google.

After you have signed up you need to choose what type of sharing tool you want they have free and pro services, the free services are absolutely free and they are the ones we want to use to setup, the pro services you have to pay for using their monthly plan.

If you want sharing buttons, underneath your blog posts the first option sharing buttons is that. If you want a sharing sidebar then the second option. If you want to add sharing buttons for mobile version then the third option. All the free options explain what they are and how they will benefit you.

addthis icons

When you have picked your choice, click on setup.

It will then take you to the setup page to setup your buttons, it will also show you a preview of your buttons.

addthis setup

If you want to add your own customised social sharing buttons and add more or remove any from the options they have given you, click on select your own. 

addthis setup
addthis personalisation

This will then give you the option to add as many buttons as you like and allow you to rearrange the order you want them to be shown in.

After you are happy with everything click on Activate down below.

If you are using any of the following platforms then you can simply add the code to that platform. If you are using blogger or another platform or website all you need to do is copy the code given.

Go to your blog, then click on Template, Edit HTML. In the HTML click Ctrl + F and search for </body> and paste the code before the tag.

adding addthis

When you have pasted the first code, it may also give you another code to paste depending on the type of sharing button you added. Especially, if you added the sharing buttons post it will give you another code to place where you want the buttons to appear, search for the following code

<div class='post-footer'>
It will display two codes one near the middle of the HTML, and one at the end of the HTML you want the one that is in the middle, so the first tag code.
Then paste that above the html code, the HTML should be similar to the one below in order to have the sharing buttons in the post footer. If you want them in the header then simply replace the post-footer code with post-header and enter the code above it.

adding addthis to blog

Then that's it you are done! You have added sharing buttons to your blog and they should appear when you save your template.

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Makeup Tips Foundation and Concealer

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

This is a step to step guide on how to apply foundation and concealer, these tips will hopefully make you more knowledgeable on how to apply foundation and concealer, which are the first steps when applying makeup. It will also be easy for makeup beginners to follow and learn these tips and tricks to apply their foundation and concealer correctly and perfectly.

Preparing the skin

Before applying makeup the most important thing is to make sure your face is clean and fresh and your hands because you may use your hands to apply as well, so start off by washing and cleansing your face, to remove any dirt or old makeup. You can do this with water and facial wash or with a makeup remover.

After that you want to make sure your face is moisturised by using a moisturiser, and using a sunblock can also be beneficial, or if you think you need to include it in your routine. If you want your makeup to last long a face primer can also be considered but this optional.

Choosing the right foundation and concealer

The things to consider before choosing the right foundation are choosing the right shade that matches your skin tone. If you are having trouble choosing the right shade I suggest you buy 2 or 3 shades which you think are near enough matching your skin type this could be starting from the lightest and ending with the darkest and then from them you can pick which one suits you best. You can test the foundation on your neck/jawline and face to see which one closely matches your skin colour. It's also important to blend the foundation to see if it truly matches.

Choosing the type of coverage is also important so you can achieve the end result you are wanting, the options are sheer, medium or full. If you want a natural look you would probably want to use a sheer foundation which looks natural on your face and gives less coverage, if you want a medium look this will be kind average coverage and for a full face coverage would mean a full foundation face.

Lastly, the type of finish you want, a matte finish is suited for oily skin type because it hides the oily skin, dewy finish is suited for dry skin type because that type of foundation gives your face a glow, and a satin finish can be suited for nearly all skin types. There is also compact powder which is a powder foundation, which is normally used to give the foundation a setting.

Foundation is totally optional if you only want to cover some areas on your face you can do that only using a concealer and using it on the areas that need it like, around your nose, under your eyes and on the chin.

compact powder

Applying Foundation

When applying foundation you need to make sure you are using the correct equipment to apply which suits you. There are different ways you can apply foundation this includes fingertips, stippling brushes, flat brushes, beauty blender and sponges.  You can use one of these methods or you can use more than one it's totally up to you.

Some prefer applying concealer first and then foundation, whereas some  prefer foundation first and then concealer, to find out the best way for you is to simply trial and error to see which method is most successful for you. Apply gently to the areas you want to apply the foundation on, if you think you need more you can always add another layer of foundation but one or two layers should be enough.

If you need to hide any blemishes, dark spots or circles, you can do that by using a concealer again use a concealer that matches your skin colour perfectly, but also the one that has full coverage, apply it to the areas where the discolouration is, you can use a concealer brush or your fingertips to apply this.

Setting powder/compact powder can be used to set the foundation and concealer, as well as, setting sprays can also be used after when you have finished with applying your makeup, hold the spray a small distance from your face and lightly mist the face.

Check out my Pinterest Board Makeup Tips where you can find images that contain makeup tips in images.


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7 Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil

Friday, 3 June 2016

Coconut oil is a great natural multi-purpose product, it can be used as an affordable alternative way to look after your skin, hair and your body, it's 100% natural and eco-friendly. Here are 7 ways you can use coconut oil as a skincare and beauty product.



You can use coconut oil as an alternative face moisturiser, it has so many benefits and it's affordable, it helps hydrate your skin as well as decrease wrinkles and minimise scars. It will remove any impurities from your skin and leave your skin looking fresh and softer. All you need to do is apply coconut oil to your face and moisturise, at least once a day or as suitable for you.

Body Scrub

Coconut oil can be used all over the body as well as just your face, if you have dry skin on your body coconut oil can help it soften and also leave your body feel smooth, it is really helpful to use something like coconut oil when you remove hair as well, it is a good shaving oil and it will make removing hair easier and also leave the skin free from irritation.

Hair Treatment

Coconut oil can make your hair look and feel healthier, it can also help with frizziness and dry hair, it will give your hair a natural shine as well as making it strengthen. Simply apply and massage the coconut oil into your hair from the roots to the bottom, a few hours before you wash your hair and then go ahead and wash it out. Or, you can apply it to your hair before you go to bed and then wrap around a towel or a scarf, and then you can wash it in the morning.

Lip Moisturiser

If you have dry lips coconut oil nourishes the lips, so there is no cracks or flakes on your lips, you simply rub the coconut oil on your lips until you think they are soft and smooth and then rinse. Doing this repeatedly will keep your lips softer for even longer. As it's completely edible, the oil won't do any harm if you ingest a little.

Cuticle oil

Coconut oil will strengthen the nails as well and it also will heal damaged cuticles leaving them soft and clean, as well as helping them soften and avoid any further splitting. It can also help with nail growth as it makes the nails more healthy leading them to grow.

Makeup Remover

Using coconut to remove makeup naturally is a good way to give some extra moisturiser to your face, and also it can really help with stubborn mascara and eye makeup by removing it easily, this will clean your skin without irritation. All you need to do is massage the coconut oil onto your face and it will remove the makeup and then use a wet towel to remove the excess coconut oil and it will completely remove.

Eye Cream

Our skin around our eyes is delicate and that is the first place where wrinkles or fine lines show up, using coconut oil as an eye cream can hydrate the wrinkles and fine lines and reinforce your skin's protective barrier. Making your eyes look more refreshed and younger.

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