Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick Review

Monday, 15 August 2016

I am reviewing this drugstore lipstick which is from Collection Cosmetics, I purchased this from Superdrug, it is a very affordable lipstick it retails for £2.99 and it has other colours available from red to pink and bright to dark in Collection's lasting colour lipstick range.

The colour of the lipstick is very true to its description, it applies as the colour it is shown as. The colour is very beautiful, it is a dark medium brown colour, a perfect colour to wear any day.

The lipstick itself has a soft smooth formula and it is very moisturising and creamy love how it feels on the lips, it does not smudge at all and it is very pigmented, it's not a matte lipstick but still I feel it is very long lasting than other lipsticks, if you are going to eat or drink something it will start to come off and will transfer, but it can last on your lips for a couple of hours. After application, the lipstick does not feel drying at all after and I love the finishing result of the lipstick, perfect as a fall lipstick.

The packaging is pretty neat as well, it has the colour black and silver, it's not overly designed it's simple packaging and very convenient. It has the name and colour of the lipstick at the moment so you know exactly which colour it is. Also, it has a very sweet scent to it which is not bothering at all.

I think for the price it is a very good lipstick. I will definitely be purchasing this lipstick again in the future and in different colours. Overall, I do recommend you purchase this product because it's affordable and also I think it's a great quality lipstick and there are a lot of shades you can choose from. Available at Superdrug and Boots for purchase.

Have you tried any of collection's lipsticks?

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Fun Ways To Drink Fruit

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

If you are looking for new ways to drink more healthy then here are a few ways you can with fruit, they are super healthy for you. There are a lot of benefits to eating and drinking fruit and don't forget water. 
Here are some great ways to add fresh fruit to your diet kids will love them, and to all of these ways you can add as much fruit as you like.
I also did a post Fun Ways To Eat Fruit, check that out to discover alternative ways you can eat more fruit.


You can use fruits to make pure natural juice without sugar or other ingredients just fruit, it is simple and very healthy. You can make green juice and a lot more juices here are some juice recipes. You can plenty by keeping it in the fridge.


You can make your own smoothies, there are a lot of recipes out there, or you can purchase ready-made smoothies, you can add fruit in there. To make your smoothie you will need a liquid ingredient this can be any of your choice, milk, yoghurt, coconut water or even fruit juice. You can use frozen and fresh fruit to your smoothie and then blend them together until you have a fresh smooth smoothie.


Another way is to make a milkshake, pick the fruit you like and then choose your favourite ice cream and add about 3 scoops of it ant to finish off add milk, for a thinner milkshake add more milk, to start off you can add about 1/4 of a cup. The difference between a milkshake and a smoothie is that in milkshake the key ingredient is ice cream.

Detox water

This is a very simple way to drink water, but with added fruit to give the water a hint of fruit taste to it. All you need to do is add water to a jug and add in your favourite fruits, the fruits will give out taste into the water, there are some infused water combinations on my Pinterest check them out for ideas on which fruits you can use. Orange and kiwi, lemon and cucumber, and strawberry and lemon work well not only is it fun to drink, it is healthy. You can get ready made infused water instead as well.

Fruit Cubes

When drinking any type of drink add some ice cubes, not ordinary water ice cubes but fruit ice cubes. All you have to do is place the fruit in the cube try like berries or any of your choice, you can cut it so it fits into the tray and add water or juice and leave it to freeze. It's an innovating way to make the most out of ice cubes as they add an extra freshness of fruit to your drink and it will definitly appeal to kids.


If you love tea, why not try fruit tea, you can get fruit tea from supermarkets now as well. You can also make your own iced tea, all you need is your preferred fruit and tea bags, water and granulated sugar it's your choice if your want to sweeten your tea.

Check out my Pinterest Board for other new ideas

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Fun Ways To Eat Fruit

Sunday, 7 August 2016

If you want to be more creative when eating fruit, especially with your children then here are some ways, in which you can add fruit to and eat fruit in fun ways, so they will taste even more tasty and look even more beautiful.

What we eat is often affected by how appealing or easy it is, these ideas for fruit will definitely make them fun and appealing and are great ways to encourage children to eat healthy and enjoy fruit.

Ice Cream and Fruit cone

When eating ice cream to the ice cream you can add some fruit in there like banana, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and all the other types of berries. Children obviously love ice cream, so they would also love the fruit in there as well.

Or, you can eat ice cream with fruit as a fruit cone, like a normal ice cream cone but add a lot of fruit in there. You can even use ice cream cups or even a plate.


It's not important to have a chocolate fountain, simply just melt some chocolate into a bowl and cut some fruit into pieces like apple, banana, and strawberries and dip the fruit into the chocolate and just enjoy it. You can also keep them in the fridge, so the chocolate goes hard and make them into chocolate covered frozen fruit.

Fruit skewers, Fruit pots, and Fruit salad

Using this way to eat fruit is an easy way, the fruit looks colorful all together, to make fruit skewers just add your favourite fruit onto the skewer stick, it is great to have as a snack or at a party, make sure your children are safe with the sticks.

Fruit pots are products you can get from the supermarket these are good to add to your children's packed lunch, you can also make them at home. A fruit salad is a big salad of chopped fruit you can make in a bowl or plate, and you can add juice, syrup or mint leaves to it.

Cake or Tart

Add fruit to a cake or a tart, there are a lot of recipes out there that include fruit as an ingredient, you can place the fruit at the top and inside the cake or tart, using strawberries is very common in cakes. Or, another fun way is to make strawberry shortbread kabobs they look and taste amazing, check my Pinterest board for the full recipe.

Ice lollies

You can get an ice lolly tray which makes lollies (or you can use empty yoghurt pots) and add your preferred juice and then add chopped fruit which you would like to have, there are alternative ways which you can make them this includes using yoghurt, milk, water or fruit puree. Then leave to freeze and enjoy your lollies, these will be great for summer.


Make jelly and add fruit inside the jelly and then leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours and when it turn into jelly you can decorate it even more by adding fruit on the top and around the jelly.


In yogurt add some fruit like all the berries or any of your choice, or you can get yoghurts that already have fruit in so you can eat it as it as. Another way is to make frozen fruity yoghurt bites you can find the full recipe here.

Glorious Treats

Custard or Trifle

Make custard of your choice banana or strawberry, and before serving add chopped fruit like banana, apple, strawberries and other berries into the custard, it will taste delicious with cold custard. Or, perhaps trifle, trifle includes jelly custard and double cream you can add fruit to the jelly and at the top of trifle with some grated chocolate.

Check out my Pinterest board fun ways to eat fruit and more tips and methods.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and will use them to eat more fruit and encourage your children as well.
Not only can these ideas work, you can also cut fruit in awesome shapes using cookie cutters or a melon baller to make them look cute.

Another tip, when having breakfast, dessert or even dinner prepare a fruit salad along side it, you can even get plates for kids that have 3 or four sections in them which are called sectioned plates so in one section you can add fruit and vegetables.

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