Easy Snack Chocolate Cornflakes

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I am sharing with you a easy snack you can which is very tasty, but also very quick to make, you can make this within 10 minutes and enjoy it with the whole family.


For the chocolate cornflakes snack you will need:

Cornflakes (preferably Kelloggs)
Chocolate (preferably dairy milk)
Cupcake cases
Mini eggs, sprinkles, smarties (for decoration)
DK's cakes and bakes


First of all, you need to get a bowl and place the chocolate in the bowl to make about 8 chocolate cornflakes you will need 200g of chocolate (a big bar of dairy milk). You can either use a microwave to heat the chocolate microwaving for around 45 seconds or longer, or you can get a saucepan and boil water until boiled and place the bowl of chocolate above it to melt it.

After the chocolate is melted you want to start adding the cornflakes in I recommend you add a handful at a time and then mix and add again the amount of cornflakes you add is up to you if you want your chocolate cornflakes to be really chocolatey then you would add less.

After you happy with the mixture you can place them into cupcake cases, and then start decorating.
To decorate it is entirely up to you though they still do taste very tasty without decoration. I love adding mini eggs, but you could also add sprinkles chocolate chips it's totally your choice.

After that leave it in the fridge for about 2 to 3 hours, so the chocolate and cornflakes can go hard and hold together and after that it's all done.
This is a really crunchy chocolatey tasty snack and I recommend you try this easy snack because you will surely love it. ❤ .

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