Superdrug Pro Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Saturday, 25 March 2017

This Superdrug duo has become my absolute favourite, I was on a search for a good shampoo that will help my hair feel more softer and smooth because at the time my hair was dry and tangly from other hair products I had been using, I heard about how argan oil is really good for your hair it makes it soft, shiny and stronger so I thought I would look for a shampoo that has argan oil in, from which I came across the Superdrug brand Pro Vitamin shampoo and conditioner, before my purchase I read all the reviews and they were all positive and the price was very affordable too, so I thought I would try this out.

While using the products on my hair from the first wash I could feel my hair was softer and it looked straighter. Then after a few washes and testing the product for around about a month it actually did make a big difference my hair was softer and shinier. It was a very good purchase for me I bought this while it was on offer for £1.09 each, the normal price is £1.49 which is still not bad for a 400 ml shampoo and conditioner.

It smells so nice it has the argan oil scent which smells florally and is long lasting. It is also cruelty free and vegan-friendly. It is suitable for fine and thick hair. I have thick hair and this really helped my hair balance out and has made it more manageable.

It has been around two to three months now I have been using the products and my hair is still shiny and soft, this is my duo which I will always be using from now on and I would definitely recommend this to everyone. You can buy the shampoo from here and the conditioner from here. Superdrug have a whole range of their own brand shampoos and conditioners for different uses really affordable to buy, I recommend you do try them out they are good quality and can save you a lot.

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Switching to Juice & Water from Fizzy Drinks

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

In this post, I want to share and let everyone know why juice is good for you and I am sure everyone knows water is very beneficial for you, but also why fizzy drinks are not good for you. There are a lot of health issues that can be raised with fizzy drinks because they can seriously make you ill, me personally the gas in the fizzy drinks really affected me and as soon as I stopped drinking fizzy I noticed a massive difference, going to the toilet on time not having gas or bloating problems it took some time but my body did recover from the fizzy drinks.

You have probably seen all over the internet how people clean their toilets with coke and just think you are drinking that same drink, I know it's not good to think about but no matter how good it tastes it affects your body within you. If you can stop quick it will be good for you otherwise it can become an addiction. This video will give more information about what we are actually drinking and eating, we need to make sure we know what we eat and eat healthily.

I have switched from fizzy drinks to juices, I am not really fond of orange juices because they are tangy for me and I feel as though they can sometimes affect my throat but I do have it once in a while, but I love apple, mango, tropical and blackcurrant juice.

You can also give vegetable juices a try, it will be like a salad in a form of a drink, healthy and also delicious. If you haven't got a juice maker a blender will also do the job.

If I don't have time to make juice which is most of the time I drink ready made juices I normally go for the ones from Asda or Tesco brand which is around 75 to 79p per litre which is cheaper than fizzy drinks. If you can't cut down all at once I suggest minimising the intake of fizzy drinks, so maybe only having half a glass or one glass a day you will find it much easier.

The best liquid I can recommend to you for your body is water. The best and most healthy water on the earth is zam zam water, it is very beneficial for the body and is recommended to stand up and drink it as it purifies your whole body inside you, other drinks you sit down and drink because they do not purify your body inside instead cause harm.

Also, check out this Juicing article for more information on why juicing and juices in general are good for you, it includes recipes as well for making different types of juices.

and good luck in making a healthy start. 😊

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Itsjudytime + Pixibeauty Lip Palette

Monday, 20 March 2017

This review is about the lip palette which was made by Judy a youtube vlogger with the beauty brand Pixi beauty, I am very keen about Judy as a beauty enthusiast and really wanted to try this product out. I have been reading online reviews about the lip palette and some people are saying the lip colours are too dry that is probably because they are demi-matte if they was creamy they would have been easily applied to the lips and not dry. I like how it also came with a detached mirror I know Judy has to have a mirror with a palette it is definitely essential.

Image result for itsjudytime lip palette
The palette claims from the Pixi beauty website that it has creamy lip colours but I don't really think they are creamy because they are actually demi-matte, and I know Judy loves matte lipsticks so this had to be something she wanted to make. If you are living somewhere cold they are going to be even harder to apply this may be because the matter lipsticks are formed into a palette whereas if they was in a lipstick case this may have not been the case, a tip which also Judy gave was that when the palette is warm the colours actually apply on more creamy so you could give it heat with a hairdryer for a few seconds. I swirl my finger around a few times in the colour and find this helps.

For me, the nude and brown shades don't appear how I would like them to on my lips because I naturally have dark lips but they are alright as everyday neutral colours. My favourite colours from the palette are falling leaves and chewy.

Another thing is that on my dry lips when I apply these lip colours you can clearly see my dry lips I wish the palette wasn't too matte but more creamy like the Collection lipsticks they are long lasting and creamy that is the perfect consistency, and I prefer lipsticks like that.

Overall for me I don't think this palette really met my expectations I bought this on offer for £20 and I don't think it's worth it for me personally, but may be better for others, if the consistency of the lip colours were more pigmented and less matte and maybe if they was made into a lipstick rather a lip palette it may have held and worked more better and they would of applied much better on me.

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