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Monday, 20 March 2017

This review is about the lip palette which was made by Judy a youtube vlogger with the beauty brand Pixi beauty, I am very keen about Judy as a beauty enthusiast and really wanted to try this product out. I have been reading online reviews about the lip palette and some people are saying the lip colours are too dry that is probably because they are demi-matte if they was creamy they would have been easily applied to the lips and not dry. I like how it also came with a detached mirror I know Judy has to have a mirror with a palette it is definitely essential.

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The palette claims from the Pixi beauty website that it has creamy lip colours but I don't really think they are creamy because they are actually demi-matte, and I know Judy loves matte lipsticks so this had to be something she wanted to make. If you are living somewhere cold they are going to be even harder to apply this may be because the matter lipsticks are formed into a palette whereas if they was in a lipstick case this may have not been the case, a tip which also Judy gave was that when the palette is warm the colours actually apply on more creamy so you could give it heat with a hairdryer for a few seconds. I swirl my finger around a few times in the colour and find this helps.

For me, the nude and brown shades don't appear how I would like them to on my lips because I naturally have dark lips but they are alright as everyday neutral colours. My favourite colours from the palette are falling leaves and chewy.

Another thing is that on my dry lips when I apply these lip colours you can clearly see my dry lips I wish the palette wasn't too matte but more creamy like the Collection lipsticks they are long lasting and creamy that is the perfect consistency, and I prefer lipsticks like that.

Overall for me I don't think this palette really met my expectations I bought this on offer for £20 and I don't think it's worth it for me personally, but may be better for others, if the consistency of the lip colours were more pigmented and less matte and maybe if they was made into a lipstick rather a lip palette it may have held and worked more better and they would of applied much better on me.

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