Superdrug Pro Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Saturday, 25 March 2017

This Superdrug duo has become my absolute favourite, I was on a search for a good shampoo that will help my hair feel more softer and smooth because at the time my hair was dry and tangly from other hair products I had been using, I heard about how argan oil is really good for your hair it makes it soft, shiny and stronger so I thought I would look for a shampoo that has argan oil in, from which I came across the Superdrug brand Pro Vitamin shampoo and conditioner, before my purchase I read all the reviews and they were all positive and the price was very affordable too, so I thought I would try this out.

While using the products on my hair from the first wash I could feel my hair was softer and it looked straighter. Then after a few washes and testing the product for around about a month it actually did make a big difference my hair was softer and shinier. It was a very good purchase for me I bought this while it was on offer for £1.09 each, the normal price is £1.49 which is still not bad for a 400 ml shampoo and conditioner.

It smells so nice it has the argan oil scent which smells florally and is long lasting. It is also cruelty free and vegan-friendly. It is suitable for fine and thick hair. I have thick hair and this really helped my hair balance out and has made it more manageable.

It has been around two to three months now I have been using the products and my hair is still shiny and soft, this is my duo which I will always be using from now on and I would definitely recommend this to everyone. You can buy the shampoo from here and the conditioner from here. Superdrug have a whole range of their own brand shampoos and conditioners for different uses really affordable to buy, I recommend you do try them out they are good quality and can save you a lot.

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