Benefits of Dates

Thursday, 13 April 2017

I want to express how beneficial dates are that is why I am going to tell you the benefits of dates and there are lots, with proof, this is something which is 100% correct because people who eat dates know that this does really work, most importantly dates are energising and there are a lot of health benefits to eating dates. Dates can be eaten on it's own or it is beneficial to eat them with milk, you can add them into the milk or eat them whilst drinking warm milk, or even make it into a date milkshake.

Scientifically it shows that dates are filled with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Dates are a fulfilling fruit that's why they are best to eat in the morning when you have an empty stomach it will fill you up and give you all the nutrients you need. This is the reason Muslims open their fast during Ramadan with dates as it will help their hunger, low blood pressure and headaches. Dates have a similar taste to raisins and prunes, but has added benefits for everything and are much better to eat.

Dates can help with period pains, childbirth, for newborn babies and all types of health conditions including diseases, blood pressure, anaemia, constipation, diarrhoea, diabetes, mental conditions, skin, hair and eyesight.

A true story is about Hazrat Maryam A.S (Mary) when she was giving birth to Hazrat Isa A.S (Jesus) she was having labour pain so she was told by Angel Jibreel to shake the trunk of the palm tree where she was and eat the dates as they will ease her pain, they also minimise bleeding after birth.

For newborn babies it is said when they are born to give them a small part of a date and place it into the newborns mouth then they will slowly chew on it, after the baby is separated from the umbilical cord it needs it's nutrients which it can get from dates, it is a blessfull and beneficial thing to do for babies it is called Tahneek. This has been scientifically proven, a dose of sugar being rubbed inside a cheek of a baby will help against any issues especially for premature babies. Please seek more information before trying this method it may only be done by specialists.

Dates have a seed long seed inside them you can choose to open the date first and take the seed out and eat it, or you can bite into it eating the actual date and leaving out the seed. The best type of dates are ajwa dates for health problems, protection against toxins and magic,

There are different varieties of dates, first there are unripe dates these dates are newly formed dates still on a palm tree so they are hard inside but can be eaten, then we have dates that are ripe and soft which are mostly eaten by people, there are all kinds of dates with varying colours and different sizes as you can see below.
Thoughts & Notes
This is the best medicine for every single thing honestly, and also the best snack you can eat it is sweet and chewy, share this information to others because it is very useful and will surely help them. Dates can be purchased from food stores they originally come from east asia and can be glazed with glucose to maintain it,  they can be stored anywhere dry and wash before eat. For further information contact me.

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