Colab Dry Shampoo Review

Thursday, 27 April 2017

I noticed Superdrug had a lot of offers going on that is what encourages me a lot to buy from there and try new products, so I ordered these 2 Colab dry shampoo sprays, I have never used dry shampoo before so this was the first time using it. I have seen a lot about it and really wanted to try it because I don't wash my hair every day only twice a week and from what I knew dry shampoo gives you that extra moisture and cleanliness without having to wash your hair.

I purchased this for £1.73 whilst it was on offer but the normal price is around £3 I think, prices at Superdrug can change so check for the offers. This dry shampoo is not something I would spray on every day, at the moment I use it two or three times a week.
I really like the tropical dry shampoo smell, it smells exactly like the name tropical fruity with a hint of floral to it. I prefer the tropical dry shampoo to the paradise one mainly because of the scent the tropical one has a more perfume type of scent to it whereas the paradise one smells sweet like coconut which I don't mind but would prefer more something like the tropical dry shampoo. You definitely won't need any perfume after spraying this as it already has quite a strong smell which can be smelt easily.

These dry shampoos are in an aerosol spray, there are others as well which you can get that are just in a powder form but all of Colab dry shampoos are aerosol, because this dry shampoo is in aerosol spray when you first spray it out it does feel like all aerosol sprays the smell just tries to get into your nose and mouth and that is something I am not fond of and dislike, so I would highly suggest you keep your mouth and nose closed when spraying and after for a few seconds until the spray absorbs into your hair rather than inside you.

When you spray and see white residue don't worry because this happened to me just shake well before you use it, and if white residue does appear you can just brush the white residue and it should disappear. When spraying onto the hair it does give you that coolness feeling which feels funny but in a good way.

Overall, I think I would buy the tropical dry shampoo again but not the paradise one as I prefer the scent of the tropical dry shampoo much more, they both do the same job but have a different smell. As I can't apply this to every inch of my scalp it can't help my whole scalp be cleaner but where I can spray it I have noticed the after look looks good my hair feels smoother and fresher.

If dry shampoo is something you are considering then give it a go, you may like it you won't be able to know until you don't try it out. The most popular brand is Batiste but from what I know it leaves white residue and Colab does not.
You can purchase these dry shampoo's and in other varieties from Superdrug here.

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