Elf Flawless Eyeshadow Party Purple Quad Review

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

There was a sale at elf and one item that really caught my eye was this eyeshadow quad, elf has a lot of colours available in this flawless eyeshadow range, but I chose to go with party purple because I thought this quad would give my eyes that pop of colour. I got this for a bargain of £1.20 it was really affordable to buy. This is the first eyeshadow product I have tried from elf and I am really impressed with this for the price and quality it is great.

It has got each eyeshadow marked with where it can be placed to create a purple party look although you do not have to apply the eyeshadow to them certain places you can create your own look. For me, this little quad is really pigmented even if I use really less eyeshadow it does a great job, but for it to last all day primer would probably be needed.

The base colour is a soft pink almost like a pearl white, the lid colour is a dark pink, the crease colour is violet and the line colour is a dark aubergine purple. I think the colour variations are really good they work out good together you can achieve different kinds of looks with these using one to four colours.

The eyeshadows look shimmery but it is not, they look matte when they are swatched but they are shiny they do not leave any shimmer they are made from a silky and smooth formula which I love and it gives you the perfect eyeshadow look. I love all the colours they are long lasting as well you can apply with the applicator, a brush or your fingertips, but I prefer to use these delicate eyeshadows with the applicator as a sponge applicator can apply more smoothly.
The crease colour is the only colour which will actually make your eyes pop the other three don't really have a popping out colour but are still good to use. You can mix and match colours from other eyeshadow palettes I will definitely be using the dark purple as an outer corner colour. For makeup lovers and beginners I think this is a must have, it is also bag and travel-friendly it is small and compact.

I will definitely carry on using this and maybe try other colours from this range. You can purchase this item from the elf website online.

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