How To Reuse Cosmetic Containers

Friday, 7 April 2017

If you're a DIY person then you can get creative with ways to repurpose and reuse makeup and skincare containers. This is part of DIY, being able to reuse items again and being creative with them. Sometimes makeup and skincare containers can be used again, some containers may not be in the form to be used again or maybe they are in a tube, so you can recycle those.

This is a good way to make sure you are clearing out and keeping organised.

You can reduce clutter, that just piles up and is all around the place, this can also be small bits and bobs. Small items can be stored in tubs and tins so they are not left in the open and so you know where they are. You can store jewellery, bobby pins, bobbles, clips, pins, nail files, nail clippers and anything else that will fit into the containers you have.

I have been using mine to store in bobbles and bobby pins and hair clips and it's exactly what I need, these small items normally go all over the place but with these helpful tubs it makes it much easier to store them. I use small and big tubs and have them small ones placed inside drawers and the big tubs outside so I can grab what I need. This does not have to be makeup containers only it can be anything jars, food tubs, cardboard boxes anything you feel that will be great to use.

Y.ou can also get creative and make your own lotion again when you run out, by adding an unscented lotion and then mixing in a drop or 2 of your favourite perfume into the lotion. You can reuse the cream tubs to store your own made lotion and keep on redoing it.

You can also use your perfume bottles that have ran out to store flowers in or use it as an ornament in your home, there are some pretty looking perfume bottles out there, you can design them even more and make it into something beautiful.

Another helpful way is to use the containers for travelling, when travelling you normally use smaller sizes also known as travel sizes because you want something that will easily fit into your bag and is not big and taking too much space, this will be perfect because it will be travel friendly you can use it to store your small items which you need to take into pods, lip balm tins, cream tubs and makeup containers.

You can even design the tubs and tins you have, maybe to assemble the theme you have in your bedroom. If you want to remove any labels you can do so by using vaseline or even better acetone, acetone will also remove the ink from the containers.

I hope you try this out this saves money and also allows you to be creative. I also did another post on how to make a DIY makeup brush holder to storage your brushes.

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