LA Girl Pro Concealer HD Review

Sunday, 30 April 2017

I was in a search for a really good concealer to cover up dark circles but also wanted something affordable as soon as I searched on Google I saw LA Girl and looked at reviews and images and decided I really wanted to give it a go. The concealer is affordable it is £3 each and can last about a month.

The hardest part was to work out the correct shade it took me about an hour looking at photos and videos online to see which shade would be right for my skin tone. in the end I just decided to purchase two one that would be kind of light which is natural and one which will be a little dark which will match the colour of my dark circles which was almond. I used the almond colour as a colour corrector and the natural colour as a concealer.

For the price I am impressed with this concealer it does cover really well than other concealers I have tried, it is lightweight and provides a natural finishing look. It provides super coverage you can use your fingers, concealer brush or a blender to blend the product out. For people who have got dark circles that are really dark it would be something average for them and someone who has got light to moderate dark circles I think this would be perfect as it will cover up perfectly.

I have dark circles that are really dark so I was kind of impressed with this because it was better than other drugstore concealers I have tried, even though it doesn't completely cover you can see the shadow slightly from underneath it does make a huge difference and I preferred applying this with a concealer brush rather than a blender because I felt the blender would wipe away most of the product.

This product reminds of the Sleek concealer and corrector palette as they also have a corrector colour to apply then concealer on top and this is what I do with the LA Girl concealers, but the texture is different, sleek is a thick cream texture and this is a liquid texture concealer so you can blend out the product well and have more control with it.

Overall, I think I will buy this product again but next time a different colour because I still don't feel completely happy with the colours I purchased, natural is too light and almond is too orange for me so I will probably need to trial and error again with another colour until I find the correct one. Next time I think I will go for creamy beige which will hopefully be right.

There is also a description for all the concealers on their website which can help you understand which shade may be suitable for you. You can purchase this from the LA girl website

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