Superdrug Coconut Oil Review

Monday, 3 April 2017

I came across a coconut oil which had a lot of good reviews on the Superdrug website and I was also looking for a hair oil for my hair because it was dry. I purchased this 125ml coconut oil whilst it was on offer for £2 otherwise normal price is £2.69 the price changes when there are offers so look out for offers from Superdrug, but at the moment it is on offer for £1.65 which is a great deal, they also have this in 500ml as well.

My main reason to use this product was to use it on my hair and I have to say I really love this product, it leaves my hair feeling very soft and shiny, I can also see the difference it has made for hair loss, the amount of hair loss I have every time I brush my hair has reduced. There are many uses with coconut oil it is perfect for haircare and skincare and can be used anywhere on your body it will just leave you feeling soft and moisturised.

The coconut oil is a natural product, so it is in a solid form, but you can easily take this out with your fingers and melt it in your hands and then apply it on to your hair and skin, if you live somewhere where it is cold then I recommend you leave it somewhere warm so it can get warm and it will make it easier to take out. The oil doesn't make your hair look greasy but it makes it look shiny. Also, my split ends have significantly decreased. It smells like coconut and it also has a vanilla scent to it.

The way I use this product is before I wash my hair I apply the coconut oil on and wait about 20 minutes and then wash my hair, whilst I am washing my hair I can feel my hair feels smoother and it's easy for me to wash my hair like this, after when my hair drys I apply a little bit more to add some moisture back in and get the shiny look.

I have also applied this onto my skin where my skin was dry and it has helped it soften again, there are no faults with this product because coconut oil is a very useful product for your hair and skin. I have also started using this as a makeup remover and a makeup base and it works perfectly, it an also be used as a night or day time moisturiser, you can read my post about the different ways you can use coconut oil here.

I highly recommend this product because you will definitely see the difference it can make, you can purchase the product from Superdrug here, but also see reviews from other people who also love this product.

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