MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer Lipstick Review

Monday, 31 July 2017

Lip lacquers and matte liquid lipsticks are very popular nowadays. I have been trying lip lacquers from the brand MUA I bought three shades from Superdrug these retail for £3 each which I think is a very good and affordable price. I have seen online MUA have a lot of colours from nudes, reds, pinks, browns, and even black blue and purple they have some very unique colours but I stuck with getting everyday wear colours and dark ones.

They apply easily and once they are dry which is within a minutes they feel matte and velvety on the lips it feels as though I have got nothing on my lips and it is very lightweight. Also, they do not smudge at all.
I drank and ate and found that the lip colour did start to remove from the inner section of my lips making them look like they need a reapplication. When drinking tea it removes a lot because of the heat of the tea. Even when I did not eat and drink I did notice it would still remove from the inner section of my lips so it was not very long lasting.
They are easy to remove if you use micellar water, it will get all over your face with wipes (with me this happens). The product has a very sweet berry mixed with honey type of smell to it.
First shade Hustle
The colour is absolutely stunning a dark brown perfect for autumn but can be worn all throughout the year. This is a favourite colour of mine I love dark brown lipsticks, so I definitely loved this it was the first colour I had my eye one. It applies on really well by adding a lot of the product it will make it into a darker brown and by adding less with a lip brush it will give slightly less brown colour so the brown shade in it is controllable which is very useful and I love this colour, it will look good on everyone.

Second shade Elegance
This colour is a pink berry colour it's a pretty pink berry colour not bright at all. I thought the colour elegance would probably be a browner colour because from the packaging as it shows a brown tone and on the wand the colour is brown but when applied it was more like a pink berry but I really liked it, it was a colour I have never worn before and I think it looked great and I will keep on wearing it. I like pink colours that are not bright and sort of a berry colour but bright pinks I don't prefer I think they don't suit me because I tend to think they look better on ladies with pale skin colours rather than tanned, medium or dark. But, I was really impressed with this shade.

Third Shade Flair
For me, this shade is deep red colour which has a sort of a plum and brown hint to it. I wasn't sure how this colour would look on me but after trying it I loved it, it is a very dark colour so some areas can look patchy if the colour does not apply on properly all over the lips but that can be easily avoided. This is also a perfect colour for autumn if you are going for a dark shade. I would wear this with less makeup or no makeup at all because this colour just provides all the prettiness on the face.
You can see swatches of the lip lacquers on MUA's website which includes these three shades.
Overall I really like these lip lacquers from MUA they are affordable really pigmented and velvety when applied on the lips perfect for special occasions, for everyday wear a reapplication is probably going to be needed once or twice. I will definitely purchase more colours in the future as well.

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Asian Makeup & Beauty

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I have been wanting to try some Asian beauty and makeup products lately for the first reason it is really affordable but also they do have some products which are really good. I have tried some from ebay and aliexpress and looking at the price the products have been great in every way. I wanted to share a new place to shop from which is Tosave.
These are some of the items I got from the online website. Some items I got were items I needed, like the accessory bag to put makeup items in, the brush cleaner to clean brushes with. The rest were something new for me and I wanted to try out.

The lip palette has a special ingredient in which helps your lips look fuller when you apply the lip colours on so for anyone wanting to achieve that look this will be something they can try, it was affordable and includes lip liner and lip brush, the lip brush which I really like it is perfect for precision and it is not too thin so a lot can apply on.
There were different designs for brush cleaners some are in an egg style, some as mats and some a heart shape in different colours these are really helpful to clean your brushes and only cost about £1.

The makeup and accessory bag is super handy when you are travelling you can put your makeup or toiletries in this bag and it also looks cute this item is only £2.99. They also have it available in different colours and designs.
The next item which caught my eye was this eyeshadow palette it looks beautiful the packaging and the eyeshadow colours, the eyeshadows are really pigmented they apply on so well with the eyeshadow brush and blend out nicely. This eyeshadow palette is from an asian beauty brand cocosh she it has good hard packaging with a mirror which is useful. The colours are nice for everyday looks with a mix of light, medium and dark shades which are good combinations it is my favourite palette because the colours are pigmented and apply well.
I also got another palette from cocosh she because I really liked the first one this has 9 colours in and the eyeshadows again are pigmented easy to work with, there are no shimmer shades in this palette they are all matte so perfect when only wanting to work with matte colours.
I also liked the double ended eyeshadow brush with a blending brush because instead of having to carry an eyeshadow brush and blending brush separately I can have it as one brush it saves space, and I have to say this is an excellent brush it is soft but also works really well, it is a copy of the naked eyeshadow brushes but it is a lot more cheaper, this costs only £0.81 on their website currently for the price it is well worth it. I was surprised to how well the blending brush worked and the eyeshadow brush works moderately too, I think this is a brush that is very useful considering the price too.
You can really save a lot of money with Tosave they have items like makeup, jewellery and even gadgets that are good quality as well, for hair extensions there is a separate website.You can have a look around on their website for items and offers you may like plus they have free shipping too.

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